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We offer Leadership, Team and Organizational Development programs customized to our client’s context and performance priorities. Our services are connected to client business cases and are facilitated in an applied and experiential fashion.

Our work is based on leading edge frameworks that help individuals and organizations adapt to and thrive in challenging environments, where problems require new ways of thinking and acting.

We create learning environments focused on embedding insights and skills to influence positive shifts in mindsets and behaviors, as enablers of high performance in Leaders, Teams and Organizations.

Leadership Development

Capability Building to lead sustainable improvement initiatives for maximum contribution to organizational objectives

While most managers and leaders have acquired the training needed to manage the technical aspects of their work, many do not have the skills to effectively lead people and improvement initiatives in their organizations.  The research on leadership clearly makes a strong case for organizations to invest in developing the capability of their leaders in a way that they can engage the workforce more effectively for greater competitive advantage. 

Sangha Leadership Group offers Leadership Development training that is directly linked to the client’s current specific workplace challenges.

Our Leadership Development training is designed for leaders so that they can:

  • Role model and build trust in their organizations and teams
  • Communicate with greater impact and develop robust networks
  • Drive greater alignment, support and accountability to achieve best results in their teams
  • Develop the ability to bring up difficult topics in a productive way to refine the best solutions
  • Identify which elements are needed to influence successful change

Team Effectiveness

Capability Building to improve systemic and team dynamics to maximize peak performance

High performing teams are critical to delivering results in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. Academic research by Patrick Lencioni on team dynamics has resulted in clear approaches to understanding and addressing relational dysfunctions in order to drive higher quality outcomes, more efficiency, as well as thoughtful and effective goal-setting to achieve faster results.

Sangha Leadership Group offerings on Team Effectiveness will provide you with learning strategies and facilitation techniques for building great teams and creating successful team dynamics. You will develop skills that enhance communication and trust, and align team members around shared goals that deliver breakthrough results and go above and beyond what any individual could accomplish alone.

Our Team Effectiveness Offerings are designed to support teams so that they:

  • Develop awareness of team strengths and opportunities
  • Discover collective goals of the team to meet organizational objectives
  • Develop path to strengthen trust, communication and accountability
  • Build powerful skills for Individual and Essential Team Dynamics
  • Commit to actionable steps to overcome hurdles and build cohesive, effective teams.


Dialogues for learning, leading and driving results in real-life work situations

Coaching supports professional and personal development and helps leaders be more effective by carefully examining their everyday actions and interactions. These dialogs encourage a deeper awareness of underlying mindsets and behaviors, challenges and aspirations.

Sangha Leadership Group Coaching will allow you to discover answers for yourself and open up to a range of possibilities that are not always obvious. You will embody new ways of being that make collaboration, trust and emerging environments possible. Additionally, you will experience breakthrough insights that foster significantly enhanced business results and integrate new capabilities to establish and sustain more effective relationships.

Sangha Leadership Group uses Doug Silsbee’s “Presence-Based Coaching” model, a rigorous process dedicated to serving the long-term development of competence, self-generation and aliveness in our clients.

In a coaching relationship, we will support your development by:

  • Reframing your leadership issues in a developmental context
  • Providing a sounding board outside office environment
  • Sharing powerful and precise feedback
  • Revealing habits of thought, perception and action
  • Evoking physical, emotional and cognitive awareness
  • Identifying high leverage actions and learning practices to achieve your goals
  • Holding you accountable for your choices and commitments
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