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Your Development Matters

Leadership starts with you! If you want others to be at their best selves, you need to be at your best self too. No matter what your leadership level, role or goal, before you can successfully lead outward, the critical starting-point is you. Turning the mirror inward is where meaningful leadership work begins. The more awareness you have about yourself, the greater the chance you can create the outcomes you desire.

We want to help you experience the shifts in your own mindsets and behaviors that will enable you to lead and support others more effectively. As an outcome, you will uncover the ways you limit your own leadership capacity and build the skills that allow you to successfully engage your workforce and co-create sustainable results.

At the heart of this program is the theme of Learning and Leading through Community. This means that you will develop and embed leadership capability in a highly interactive and supportive environment, as well as in the context of your own personal leadership challenges. This live, virtual program is an opportunity to connect with the leadership power that drives your unique approach to business and renew what it means to be a leader in the 21st Century.

Focus & Objectives


Who am I being as a leader?

  • Identify behaviors that contribute to your unique leadership strengths and discover hidden limitations impacting you and your organization.
  • Grow inner competencies in order to support others and increase your personal leadership capacity.


What can I do to be more effective?

  • Advance your ability to coach, engage and empower teams to address change and complex issues.
  • Tap into deeper levels of listening to yourself, others, and your environment.


How can I build shifts that engage teams for greater impact?

  • Build trust within your team as a foundation for leadership effectiveness and joint accountability.
  • Feel more empowered in holding yourself and others accountable for results.


This program is designed for those who are seeking a transformative change in their leadership and are intent on growing their professional capabilities within and beyond business life.

Participants will be:

Executives, Senior Leaders, Emergent Leaders, Established Leaders in a New Role and Leaders of Departments or Initiatives

  • Leading organizations through significant change or transformation
  • Driving increased impact and effectiveness of teams and organizations
  • Addressing significant conflict, change, or transformation

Each workshop is limited to 23 other participants who can provide a mirror to your aspirations and challenges. Participants in similar leadership roles can offer you context-specific experiences and learnings, and participants in different work contexts, can present ‘out-of-the-box’ perspectives and ideas as potential seeds of innovation and inspiration.


This workshop is structured as a highly interactive master class led by our faculty experts, blending group and 1:1 instruction and coaching for maximum developmental impact.

Your experience will revolve around a work challenge or opportunity you are currently facing. Through the workshop, you will integrate practical leadership skills and learning through: 

  • Guided self-reflection and discovery, and open dialogs.
  • Experiential application of rigorous frameworks and emerging practices, in both large and small groups
  • One follow-up coaching session, 2 to 3 weeks after the retreat. This session will focus on supporting you in the implementation of the changes in your leadership back in the real world.


The Sangha Leadership Group Virtual Leadership Development Workshop is conducted using the Zoom Video Conferencing platform.

To optimize the experience, the virtual location requires participants limit or eliminate their distractions by creating a quiet space, limiting technology and choosing a location where the participants can distance from their everyday work experience to allow meaningful attention to professional and personal development.

  • Sangha Leadership Group
  • Sangha Leadership Group
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The Business Value

We are convinced that leadership in action is a core capability in an organization for generating real business value.

Our Leadership Workshop focuses on delivering this value through significantly growing our participant’s CAPABILITY to engage, support and develop their full team potential for maximum contribution to organizational objectives. The pay-off of this learning solution includes increased team performance and effectiveness through strong governance of mature PEOPLE LEADERS exhibiting observable improvement in leadership and interpersonal skills that can be immediately applicable back in the workplace.

Everyone wants leaders who get things done and meet commitments. Leaders are often judged on key elements of execution, including a focus on priorities, ensuring clear accountability, managing decision making, mobilizing others, adapting quickly, and communicating execution urgency. But no leader can do the job alone, so we assign great value to leaders who take care of their people.

Adaptive Leadership and people management elements include good communication skills, building strong teams, finding time for coaching, strong people relationships, and facilitating growth and succession. We believe that the power and the ability to influence others begins by developing inner leadership skills, as it is not the toolbox, but the artisan who furnishes results.

Dates, Pricing & Enrollment

Each Virtual Leadership Development Workshop is scheduled as four consecutive days at four hours each day and held virtually via the Zoom platform.

The cost for the Virtual Leadership Development Workshop includes the workshop content, Sangha Workshop Manual and a personal follow-up coaching session (1 hour). Enrollment is $795.00 USD*.

*Cancellation Policy: You may cancel 30 days prior to workshop start day with full refund minus a 50.00 processing fee. Cancellations requests 29-15 days prior to workshop start day will be refunded at 50 percent total workshop cost. We will not offer refunds for cancellations occurring 14 days before workshop.

Summer 2021 Dates to be Announced Soon

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