Learning and Leading through Community.

Our work is based on transformation, enabling leaders to engage the broader workforce and lead sustainable improvement initiatives.


About Us

Sangha Leadership Group is a cooperative effort among Susi Willis, Valetta Evans and Stephanie Pizarro. We've been colleagues and friends for many years, and our strongest connection is our commitment to personal growth and the space of possibility, for ourselves, for each other, and for everyone whose path through life touches ours.

We have over 60 collective years of experience coaching and training business leaders.

Much of our work enables clients to become reflective practitioners, stepping outside the pressures of everyday business and looking at their work lives with fresh eyes.

We are passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations achieve their highest potential and gain essential insights about themselves to drive success.

  • Maximize contribution to organizational objectives through a richer dimension of self-awareness & responsibility
  • Grow capability to engage, support and develop your workforce and yourself to execute priority-based actions
  • Improve the way your team performs together by experiencing a fundamental shift in how you navigate challenges
  • Optimize a business advantage that transforms leadership, relationships and team cultures
  • Sangha Leadership Group
  • Sangha Leadership Group
  • Sangha Leadership Group
  • Sangha Leadership Group
Collective Intelligence emerges from collaboration & the ability to make others powerful.

What is “Sangha”?

A sangha is a Learning Community that supports, inspires and nourishes each other's growth.It is the place to practice transformation and development for self and others.

Members of a sangha undergo a similar learning journey. In a highly interactive and supportive environment, they share their life experiences, their successes and their struggles, and they support each other in the attainment of their goals. They practice giving and receiving trust, and push themselves to self-reflect and articulate their biggest professional dreams and their most complex challenges.

By leveraging discoveries and empowering their relationships, members of a sangha can deeply renew their leadership strength, expand their understanding and tap into their most creative power.